The Truth About Supply

With the world economic crisis dominating the news recently now is the perfect opportunity for spiritual students to get to work and bring into consciousness the truth about supply. How do we do this, and can we be effective on a global level?  I think we can if we apply the healing principles we know to the appearance of instability around the world, and to the belief that in these hard times we must pull back and accept limitation.

As always, we begin our work by contemplating the truth about God.  What do we know of God and what constitutes the world in which we live?  If we see the world as material, filled with people holding conflicting beliefs and ideas; a world rife with fear about what will happen next, a world of storms and draughts, famines and riots, and if we accept those appearances as real, we are hypnotized, and in that state will be unable to see the spiritual reality behind the worldly appearances.  As we contemplate the nature of God we begin to dissolve the appearances that have been imbued with power and bring into consciousness the truth about the world, and the truth about life on this planet.

In reminding ourselves about the nature of God two great pillars come to mind, oneness and omnipotence.  To realize the oneness of God is to include all that exists as a manifestation of God – not necessarily in its appearance, but in its spiritual reality.  God is the substance of all form.  That is the truth.  We can ask ourselves, “Are we seeing the truth when we accept the appearances of good and evil, fear and greed?”  Is what we see in the struggles of this world an activity of God or are they projections of universal beliefs, concepts, and fears?  As we answer these questions from our developed spiritual sense, we see that God does not function in the conceptual world.  We realize that we will not solve world problems on the level of the problem.  This kind of contemplation will move us away from the appearance and eventually toward stillness.  We remind ourselves that God cannot be conceived humanly, so we don’t try.  We know that God is infinite and invisible, so we stop trying to put God in a conceptual box.  We know that God has no opposite, and it dawns on us that there is nothing to change, nothing to fight, and nothing to do if we are going to dwell in the presence of God.  We realize that this state of no-thing-ness is omnipotent.  So here we are, in a state of oneness with all creation yet not identifying with any projection of the appearance world.  This brings with it a state of stillness that is all-powerful.

Now we are children of God, joint-heirs to all the heavenly riches.  Without looking out to the appearance world, these riches come into our consciousness from the infinite invisible.  They have always been within, but without a realization of oneness, we are unaware of them.  And since these riches are spiritual, they are not confined to material concepts.  They appear as our daily manna – the wisdom to make the right decision, the assurance that now is the only time and that future projections are illusions.  Our true wealth is our conscious awareness of the presence of God, through which good manifests tangibly in our lives.  So now where are we in the world?  Markets may rise and fall but my supply is the outpouring of Grace that is an endless resource within.  My work is about expressing my inner resources in love and compassion, not about earning a living.  And the Source of this work is spiritual, not dependent upon any man.  This is God’s life and wherever I find myself is the place where Spirit can flow.  I may be on the trading floor of Wall Street or serving food to the homeless.  It is all the activity of God if I am in a state of oneness.  My needs will always be met living this way.

As we go deeper into our realization of oneness we go deeper into the nature of supply.  The material concept of supply is that something comes to me, that supply is the fruit of my labors, or it might be an inheritance, or it might come in the form of gifts or charity.  If we see supply as something that comes to us, whatever form it takes, it is a material concept, and we can lose it.  When we shift our perspective and realize that supply is an activity of God, we take it out of the realm of duality and experience the consciousness of “I have.”  The “I have” state of consciousness comes from a realization of oneness.  It is the realization that giving and withholding do not exist in oneness.  “All that the Father has is thine.”  It is that state of awareness that says, “I have meat ye know not of.”  But there is a greater realization of supply that comes in the deep stillness where there is no sense of separation between you and God; there is only One.  In that consciousness you realize you are supply.  You are the “meat, the bread and the wine” because in seeing yourself you see that which is your substance, your alpha and omega, the completeness that constitutes creation.  That is the state of now.  There is no process in that consciousness, only realization.

How does this affect the world?  If we go back to the principle of oneness, every individual realization of the presence of God is a universal spiritual activity.  The realization takes place in individual consciousness but the activity of that realization breaks down universal hypnotic attraction to the appearances of this world.  Someone, somewhere, at your moment of realization, may suddenly think the fear and craziness of human events so absurd that they lose their fear of the appearance world and gain a perspective into the spiritual.  That loss of fear, or that disconnect to the appearance world opens the individual to spiritual reality.  You may never know how your meditations touch the world, but be assured, every time you break through the hypnotism of material appearances – appearances that are sometimes good and sometimes evil but always erroneous – you participate in lifting human consciousness out of its limitations.

So here is your method for rising out of the hypnotism of financial limitations, whether it is personal, national or global.  Begin by detaching yourself from the appearance.  You do this by removing any person from the equation.  If there is a person or situation you can blame for your problem – or your country’s problem or the world’s problem – you are enmeshed in the problem and won’t be able to solve it spiritually.  The way you impersonalize is by withdrawing judgment.  You can judge no person culpable or responsible for what you or the country is experiencing if you want to be free of the current hypnotism.  You can release your judgment and release the people you have judged through forgiveness.  To experience the riches of your spiritual inheritance you cannot give power to any person, or condition, or situation that exists in the appearance realm.  What you see in this world – the fear, the anger, and the blame – is limited to the belief that there is power in matter or material circumstance.  So by forgiving, impersonalizing and withdrawing judgment from the appearance world you have withdrawn any power it might have over you.

Withdrawing power from the world of effect is the secret to maintaining your spiritual connection.  We are hypnotized out of our true self by accepting power in material effect.  You can’t have power in matter and power in God.  God is omnipotent, so if you are seeing power struggles in the world and accept them as real, you are hypnotized into living a lie.  The moment you see through the lie you experience your developed spiritual consciousness.  The less you react to worldly appearances the greater your detachment will be.  Your perception of this world will be like an observer to a grand drama.  You will see the fear, the anxiety, and the suffering as part of the drama, not part of life.  The life you live is an activity of God; therefore all the characteristics of God flow through you.  There is no fear in God, so you walk through the evils of this world fearlessly.  There is no lack in God so you live an abundant life.  There is no suffering in God, so every problem you face is resolved in peace and love.

This is the spiritual way of life; to be in the world but not of it.  It requires your complete attention.  The lazy are easily hypnotized, and if you find yourself accepting power in the belief of good and evil, your remedy is to step back, center yourself on God, and look the beast in the face without fear.  Error once seen is two thirds destroyed and the other third destroys itself as long as you don’t get into the battle.  Your safety, your wealth, and your wellbeing are manifested in your life in proportion to your realization of the oneness of God.  So go forth in quietness and confidence and be that consciousness of peace, wholeness, and abundance to yourself, to those in your life, to your country – indeed to the whole world.


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  1. Beautiful, John. Much thanks.

  2. Peggy West says:

    My initial reading of this blog on the truth about supply struck so many beautiful chords in me that I’m feeling like a full harmonious symphony right now. There are so many points of sonority that are resonating at the moment that words cannot express. For example the sentence: “God cannot be conceived humanly, so we don’t try” stopped me dead in my tracks. It was as if my symphony had been playing at full speed which suddenly came to an abrupt stop – and then it resumed again, but this time with a lilt and in the rhythmic flow of L O V E . Thank you, John. This is a motif which I will nourish and expand and will play in me for many years to come. Thank you, John, for such clarity of mind and more. In Oneness, Peggy.

  3. Peggy Kincaid says:

    Thank you John. I deeply appreciate your spiritual insight. It is once again a wonderful reminder of the importance of world work.
    Much Love,

  4. Noelle Knutson says:

    Greetings and many thanks for revealing your insight on supply.
    May I say this is truly the most concise and revelatory treatise on supply that I have heard, read, etc. In it is such a flow of TRUTH – so timeless- and real. Amazing how these words live on the page I printed out. One can feel the depth behind the words and attune to that. The beauty of humility, a letting go of any and all material swords. This is what is required to see such a comprehensive depth of the whole of existence found inherent and implied in this great work of Beauty-Truth on supply.
    I loved when reading suddenly was written ” you can release your judgements and release people you have judged through forgiveness,” already in the content consciousness was so uplifted that there was no one to forgive, never has been and never will be. It was so obvious all responsibility for seeing clearly is on each of us. Reading this is the great cosmic adventure of discovering total freedom. All the principles of life, (included in the Infinite Way) are wrapped up in the truth about supply. It took hours for me to wander this “Great Cave” as the space for seeing and allowing the Truth to penetrate was not with the utilization of thought but the invite to Spirit, Consciousness to companion along the way of this adventure, to go before,
    as the feeling that great treasure awaited and cursory reading (reading) would not reveal it. This Piece is Art ( God’s Art) and not an essay, not a treatise but Fruit from the Tree of Life itself.
    Infinite thanks and gratitude for your willingness to travel the depths sharing as you go. It will give release to many now and forever.
    Is this in your new book? It would be a great pamphlet.
    So much love to you,
    Noelle Knutson

  5. Paul says:


    This is BEAUTIFUL. It really is. Thank you so much.


  6. Paul says:

    I read this again after our chat and meditation and it resonated even more than before. Thank you for sharing such impacting truth. Thank you!!

  7. James Alden says:

    I have been a “student” of the IW for well over 8 years now…but that I’ve discovered that my degree of devotion seems to be lessening; as it used to be that I have listened to certain recordings many times over…namely the 1955 Kailua Village Study…and quite a number of other recordings that were given to me for my use…shortly after purchasing my first IW book: ‘The Thunder of Silence’ back in the first week of March 2006 in a bookstore in Eugene, OR…. I began to read it that very night, but I experienced little…UNTIL…I returned home to Sacramento, CA…where things really began, as it were…to ‘catch fire’ and from there…my enthusiasm was tremendous…then over time…that would become subdued and I could really “get” into the recordings…much more so than the writings…but what concerns me now… that my studies [such as they were] have really fallen off…that I may listen to one side of tape one day…and then listen again…but not until, say…three or four days, possibly have passed….I will end it here for now…Thank You….Sincerely, James Alden

    • John says:

      There is a time for study and a time for living. It’s like the ebb and flow of the sea. With every new time of study, there are deeper revelations.

  8. Gary Williams says:

    My meditations lead me to Emmit Fox’s,,Sermon on the Mount,and from there to Joel Goldsmith. It has been through his writings that I have attempted to live my life. Some ups and some downs, but it’s been worth it. As time passed the word stopped being just words,but living issues of life within. I didn’t know there are other people,such as yourself who, understand, experience, live accordingly,,no good words..
    Anyway I started with Joel’s writings about 16 years ago, and has been my passion every since.
    I’m excited to hear I’m not the only one to seek the truth. I’ve never spoken to another believer, thanks to the internet,,,illusion is but an effect, therefore powerless, and only has the power we give it. Doesn’t help to name it.. Lol


    I sincerely have accept ed all Joel’s teaching for 4 years now with steady progress. The truth about SUPPLY IS REAL. I live in Nigeria and have no IW companion. Please place me on your mailing list for lessons.

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