John Stephenson gives classes based on Infinite Way principles in the US, Hawaii, Europe and Oceania.  The posts here include the opening session of the 2009 Asilomar Conference, which was a five day retreat in the Monterey forest of Asilomar State Beach on the central California coast.  The next post is the English part of last year’s Annecy Class where John was asked to talk about his experience with Joel Goldsmith. The remaining posts are excerpts from classes over the past few years.  Enjoy!


The Gathering of Saints (2009 Asilomar Conference – Opening Session)

The Recognition of the I (2010 Annecy Class)

The Joy of Christ  (2009 Melbourne Class)

The Death of the Ego (2008 Stamford Class)


Jacob’s Ladder (2008 San Francisco Bay Area Class)

Understanding Maya or Illusion (2008 Laguna Hills Special Class)


The Artist Finds the Truth (2007 Dallas Class)


The 91st Psalm (2007 Dallas Class)

Esoteric Symbolism (2007 Waikiki Class)



Freedom Through Forgiveness (2008 Waikiki Class)

All of these talks can be order from our web site,

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    I am so grateful that John showed me this site! Never knew it before. The Infinite Way is my way of life…my search for Reality and Oneness. But I doubt I can go to Hawaii but who knows, maybe I can fly to California. Thank you so much for sharing this site!

  2. Joan Deroche says:

    Dear John, Thank you so much for this Blog and all the wonderful messages. Today
    as I listened to Death of the Ego I knew how important the computer can be. I am just filled with gratefullnes. Thank You! Thank You!

  3. John says:

    There are new free talks on the aloha mystic website. Check them out.

  4. james gow says:

    I have been an Infinite Way student for 30+ years and obviously quite an average one at that. My struggles have been many yet I’m sure not as severe as many people. Yet I KNOW it is the way.

    I recently discovered some of Joel’s classes on Youtube. I was delighted and dismayed all at the same time. It just doesn’t seem right that such precious teachings should be on the internet for the world to scorn and tear apart and yet part of me is happy it’s there.

    I would appreciate anyone’s feedback.


    • John says:

      Hi James,
      Joel was a pioneer in getting his message out. The idea to record all of his talks was such forward thinking. At the same time, Joel put fees on his classes so that people would have to give something for the experience. In public lectures (open classes) he often remarked that if you put only a penny in the pot you’d get just a penny’s worth of the message. He really was not restrictive in whom he taught. But his greatest work came when there was a developed consciousness in the audience that could go along with him without judgment and soar to great heights. So having his talks on YouTube can open a door to those seeking spiritual principles. To others it could be meaningless. What’s important is our individual study. So if it benefits only a few and leads them into building a spiritual consciousness, than it’s a great service. We give a portion of our work free on line, but people have to search out our websites to find it. I don’t see that having work on YouTube is much different, other than perhaps it’s more public.

      • james gow says:

        Thank you John for taking the time to think this one through and getting back to me. I’m very protective of this message, perhaps too protective. I never preach it or even talk about it since I myself have not demonstrated it to any great extent………and more precisely, the human self doesn’t want to hear it. Infinity makes no sense to a finite mind. It doesn’t fit. It’s like trying to pour an ocean into a fishbowl.
        I will continue to listen to them as they come to me and will find a way to be grateful.


        • Tessa Deprez says:

          Hi James; I do too; but has it not been there I would still be I. The dark.Those for whom it’s meant will find it and get something out of it.i do.i am planning to take John class in Hawaii .Ive been listening , reading and practicing ; I do not react to appearances the way I used to , and fear is becoming less and less.

  5. james gow says:

    How did we ever become separated from the truth. This is a question that has haunted me for many years. I do not doubt, nor will I ever doubt, that I and my Father are one. But how, when did we believe differently.
    That is the question that I believe has to be answered…………….look at the world. We need to know.

  6. james gow says:

    I’m in this for the penny and the pound.
    I meditate many times a day. I think my mistake has been this: I want my human life to be better………………then I have no need for God. What a horrible mistake.
    Do not make that mistake. God is not here to better your human life, Yes, it may come. But, you need to want God for God’s sake. That is all of our mistake.

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