Spontaneous Healing and the Christ Mind

Spontaneous Healing and the Christ Mind

Spontaneous healing comes when we live through that mind which was in Christ Jesus, which is the avenue through which we experience God.  In that mind-set we live life in its freest state, unbound by physical limitation.  But mind is also the instrument through which we form our appearance world through universal conditioning.  This world, and our experience in it, is the result of the collective belief that material reality as seen through the physical senses is the primary law governing life on this planet.  This concept is the direct result of our collective human judgments.  If the mind is conditioned to accept these material concepts — concepts that are based on the belief in a power outside of God, concepts that are based on the belief in birth and death — then the pattern of life we experience is controlled by these concepts.  But the son of God in man never changes and is never affected by material belief or concept.  The reality of form is always the perfect manifestation of God appearing as, even in the physical sense.

We must be able to recognize within ourselves the difference between the conditioned mind and the unconditioned mind.  The conditioned mind is really not a mind.  It is a belief, accepted in thought and experienced to the degree we judge after appearances.  If the mind is clouded with material beliefs, like an opaque window pane, and not a clear transparency, then our life experiences, including our bodies, are subject to the laws and conditions set forth in the belief of material sense.  Our real body is never touched by these concepts and beliefs because it is spiritual, as is all of creation.  This is an important principle to ponder, especially when dealing with physical problems.  The activity of our mind becomes the key to the appearance of the form.  If the mind is filled with the fear that there is a power outside of God that can effect spiritual creation, that there is power in material life and death, disease and health, all of the pairs of opposites, then the expression of the body is going to be affected by that conditioned sense.  Healing is the nullifying of this mind-set by the activity of Divine Love in individual consciousness.

Since the conditioned mind is a belief, it has no power.  It is only the acceptance of the belief that gives it power.  Physical healing, then, becomes a way to assess your understanding of these principles.  Many students are fascinated with physical healing because it is so graphic, and so personal.  The attitude of a spiritual healer is to not accept the picture, whether it is an ugly picture appearing as sin, disease or death, or whether it is a pleasant picture of wellness and human harmony.  When we look at the outward appearance, either good or bad, we are not seeing reality.  This is one of the hardest things for us to do because in our conditioned state we naturally accept what is presented to us through the senses and embrace the good and reject the evil.

If we were in a desert and saw a huge lake shimmering on the sand, and perhaps a city appeared on the other side of the lake, we wouldn’t believe our eyes — we would know it’s a mirage.  Others might accept the lake as real until they see through the appearance, until they walk out of their car and try to put their foot in the water only to find nothing there.  It is just desert.  The whole nature of the conditioned mind is that we take at face value the appearances before us, and we believe those pictures. That is what gives us problems.

If the appearance concerns the body and there’s physical discomfort, it makes the disassociation, or impersonalization of the appearance a bit more difficult because we feel something and become concerned or frightened.  There is an exercise we use to bring us into a state of consciousness where we can withdraw power from the effect.  We start with the premise that if God is the only cause, and if God is universal good and universal perfection, the only effect that has any reality is good, perfect and true.  Examine yourself and try to locate that universal I within your body.  If you are honest, you will not find it there.  You will discover that your body is in you, in divine Consciousness.  Just as you are not the car you drive, it is yours, you are not the body you inhabit, it is yours, and that you is the divine I, the son of God made manifest.  With that tool, when an ache or a pain comes upon you, you have the means to not react and impersonalize the appearance to a material belief.  Realize, then, that the appearance stems from the belief there is a power outside of God.  It comes from accepting a belief in two powers rising in the conditioned mind, which is a mistake to be corrected without concern or fear.

If we can realize, even while we are experiencing physical discomfort, that no material power can effect the I that I am, we can turn our mind to the contemplation of the nature of God.  This opens us to the Christ Mind.  The I that expresses Itself as the trinity, the Soul that is God expressing Itself as individual form, the activity of the Holy Spirit that expresses itself as our bodily functions, and the realization of God as harmony, sets us free.  That is, if our mind were not cluttered with the beliefs and the scenario of what a pain would bring.

What comes first, the pain or the thought?  Usually it is the thought.  There is a universal belief that there is a power outside of our Self, and sometimes it very subtly comes into our mind and we are caught unaware, believing and even accepting it as power.  Then comes a pain.  Now what happens to our thinking?  First there is the desire to get rid of the pain because it is uncomfortable.  If the pain is of something we have heard about, having a label attached to it, and if that label comes into our thought, then we’ve added another element to the pain.  We have named it.  If the pain with a name has a certain scenario attached to it, our imagination, having accepted the belief, plays out the projected image of negativity.  If this pain is a “such-and-so,” then the universal conditioning built by measuring, looking, and analyzing the illusion — the mirage — “such-and-so” becomes an entity.  Don’t forget, it is still an illusion.  But, if we accept the scenario, we build block upon block until we go down that path and experience all the effects of “such-and-so.”

Whereas, if we experience a pain, and if a name or a label comes into our thought and we dismiss it, by consciously reinterpreting what we feel or see according to spiritual principles, what have we done?  We have given the appearance no place to reside.  To help us from giving attention to the problem, we contemplate the nature of God, even if the pain is still there.  If we can come to an agreement within ourselves to the fact that there is only one power and that is God, that God manifests Itself as form, that this physical expression that I am living through is the activity and the expression of the Divine Essence made manifest on this plane, then we have absolutely no fear or attachment to the pain.  We have awareness that God is the reality of our being.  This is truth.  “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”[1] You have experienced the truth.  Go about your business even if the pain is there, in the realization that God is active in your consciousness and you have nothing to fear.  Then drop the appearance from your mind and put it on some other activity.  Nine times out of ten, when the thought of the appearance comes back to you later, you’ll realize the pain is gone.  Why?  Because it was never a thing in the beginning.  It was only a belief.

If our mind starts playing tricks on us and wants to go back and analyze the absence of pain, boasting of a healing, what are we doing?  We are putting our thinking right back into the belief that the pain was a reality, and that there actually was a disease that was healed.  The personalization of good attaches us just as fast to the belief in mortality as the fear of pain and suffering.  The essence of healing, in our teaching, is that there never has been a healing because there never has been anything to heal.  The individual expression of God exists at the standpoint of perfection always.  Our recognition of this brings the activity of peace and harmony into our experience, and that which has no existence in spiritual creation fades from our experience because it is nothing.

An illusion has no existence in God; it can’t be externalized, and when we see this the appearance (illusion) disappears from our experience. Where’s the glory in that?  There is no glory in overcoming adversity, because adversity has no substance.  To glory in it would be to give it substance and power.  That is one of the reasons why, in our teaching, we don’t give testimonials.  A testimonial does two things, it inflates the ego and it personalizes the activity of the Holy Spirit.  The ego would have us say, “look how good I am, look how wonderful my healing capacities are,” and then if it is a “major” healing, there is the attitude of  “I healed a cancer.”  That’s much more impressive than “I healed a cold.”  But what is it in actuality?  Healing a cold or healing a cancer is exactly the same thing, and to say that I have performed a healing in any case is missing the whole point of mystical living.

Personalizing a healing focuses us back to the illusory nature of the conditioned sense of life, and that conditioned sense of life has no spiritual significance.  It would be as if we came upon another mirage in the desert and were so fascinated with it that we stopped the car to watch it, fantasized about it, and tried to imagine ourselves living in it. What is this doing to us?  It’s wasting our time.  It’s diverting our awareness from the activity of love, which comes through the unconditioned mind, which has a purpose on this plane to lift man out of the belief that there are two powers.  Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I draw all men unto me.”[2]  The only way that we can lift up that I is by knowing the truth within ourselves.

We are all practitioners, and our primary patient is us — there is no other patient to practice upon.  What is a practitioner but one who practices the principles of spiritual living?  The principle of oneness is practiced every time we recognize the spiritual reality of individual being.  One I.  The I of you is the I of me, and that one I is God.  If we are not knowing that the I of me is the I of you, and the I of you and me is the I of God, we are sowing to the flesh.  What does Paul say about sowing to the flesh?  That we will reap corruption.[3]  What is corruption?  It is the belief that there is a power outside of God, that there is power in flesh, that there is power in weather, that there is power in disease, that there is power in finances and economics.

The battle is not yours.  Every time we enter into a battle with a material condition, whether it is physical, financial, moral, relationship, whatever it is, when we try to get rid of it, we fuel the fire of erroneous belief until we have taken a little spark and built it into a forest fire. Then if we try to put out the forest fire, we immerse ourselves again into that same world.  Whereby the healing principle that has been known since the time of Jesus is “Resist not evil.”  We do not resist evil because evil exists only in the realm of belief — the belief that there is a power outside of God.

That is why all healing work must begin with God.  That is why every day our day must begin with the acknowledgment of the I that I am — with the acknowledgment that I am not a human being, that I am that I am, that my life is not governed or directed or influenced by material concepts, but my life is an activity of Divine Love flowing through Its instrument which is the image and likeness of God, even in the flesh.  And this instrument of God is maintained and sustained by God because there is no other power.

When I start my day with that realization, my day is going to unfold in harmony, joy, fulfillment, and beauty.  It is going to be exciting, because I am about my Father’s business.  No matter what my work is, my Father’s business is lifting up the I, and if I start the day by lifting up the I that I am, and go out into the world, there is that within me which recognizes this I within everybody with whom I do business, even if the person at that moment seems to be very negative and problematic.  His negativity washes right past me, because I know that that I is the only law, the only cause, and the only effect.  Therefore, what anybody else does, what anybody else says, or how anybody else behaves has nothing to do with me.  If I witness destructive behavior, sin, disease, and death, I must reinterpret those pictures within myself and know they are but the “arm of flesh,” nothingness; only an illusory picture.  No power.  It is not of God, therefore I need not fear it.  I need not be disgusted with it.  I need not try to improve it or heal it.  The only way I can heal or improve a material condition is by knowing it has no existence in God, then realize the truth about God appearing as my experience.  This takes practice, but can you see how it works? It is having that mind that was in Christ Jesus.  It is based on the command, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”[4]

[1] John 8:32

[2] John 12.32

[3] see Galatians 6:8

[4] Matt. 6:34

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9 Responses to Spontaneous Healing and the Christ Mind

  1. Diane Scott says:

    Hello John – Thank you for this timely (for me) expression of the spiritual principles of truth in this article. I am finding I am experiencing these principles more in being with my immediate family and their needs as far as health goes. It is not always easy or consistent for me yet, but I love God, and experience Him within me increasingly and know these spiritual principles will continue to unfold in my living. Thank you again John and blessings to you and your work in the Infinite Way. Diane

  2. Alexandra de la Vega says:

    What a welcome avenue of teaching! I look forward to visiting, reading both the Work and the comments and questions from our Circle of Love.

    Thank you!


  3. john Stephenson says:

    Thanks, Alex. And thank you for you dedicated work. Aloha. John

  4. Gil Michaels says:

    John: Please comment on this posting by IW teacher Jasha Salter on her “Circle Of Christhood” Website.
    Does the fact that Joel used medicine and saw doctors impeach his IW teachings?
    Can any human that hasn’t walked on water-including Joel- truly and completely transcend the three dimensional, physical consciousness?

    Dear Reader,

    It has been a wonderful experience to be a student of Joel’s and spend many years helping to preserve his legacy. What gifts the principles he taught. What freedom in the lessons of dominion.

    My reference site has been here for seven years now, and it has come time for a sabbatical.

    I have not known how to continue helping you without, at the same time, perpetuating some of the mistakes I have come to learn are embedded in The Infinite Way teaching. I do not want to take anyone away from Joel, nor do I want to criticize a fine man who sincerely spent his life helping people. However, in good conscience, I cannot continue to support misleading information and a philosophy that does not deliver what it promises, often at great expense to its followers.

    As I leave, a few words of caution. Joel told students that they should all be familiar with Cosmic Consciousness by Bucke and Reincarnation by Head and Cranston. I underscore this, especially Cosmic Consciousness. You will see there that the “experience” is not something that can be learned or acquired and it usually comes spontaneously at a certain age. Those of you here for mysticism need to be aware of this.

    Those of you in this work for healing, or to become healers, use caution. Be patient and kind to yourself and use common sense. That is not to say we believe the propaganda of materia medica, but Joel saw doctors and took medicine late in his life. He had a heart attack, from which he recovered, but used medication thereafter. This is not common knowledge, but I can prove it and will if necessary. Do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise. 800 people in South Africa were witnesses as was a South African teacher of the Infinite Way, Tom Jones.

    Be well, be happy, and know you are already what you seek.

  5. Gil Michaels says:

    John: This addendum to my earlier post, also from Jasha Salter’s Website, answers my question.
    As intuition told me, Joel was a pragamatist. He was always aware of his level of consciousness, and sought medical care as a palliative until he could raise his consciousness to the healing frequencies.

    This should be the practice of all metaphysical practitioners.

    Thank you for your beautiful Website, and all of its wonderful content!

    Do You Have a Doctor?
    November 27, 1963

    Dear Friend:
    Do you have a doctor? If so, follow his instructions. Your husband is right if he gets the best medical help-and neither you nor he need to make any apologies or excuses to anyone else. I have learned in my long years of study that it is wiser to let the best human help be God’s instrument, when we are already hypnotized with something.

    We can kid ourselves and say, “It is nothingness.” That is the tragedy of the metaphysical world. We are all trying to evolve higher, but it is a matter of grace and states of consciousness, and no one can walk on the water before his time. Therefore, I learned from inner resources that it would be wiser to take the best method right at the moment, get our peace of mind, and keep on pursuing.
    You don’t know how many times I have had to assure students that it would make no difference to God whether we go to a doctor or dentist. We do not hesitate to see a dentist, but somehow most of us seem to fight body attention. In this way, they are resisting evil to the extent that they deeply subliminate their fear of something physical within themselves and try to get spiritual help. But in hanging on to the fear, the healing never comes. I think that each one of us has to rely on inner intuition and make a move from that level.
    There was time when I had a physical problem, and inner intuition told me that I had better see a physician, because it was not yielding to spiritual treatment from one who does great healing work. I had accepted a condition as being real to myself, so I took the steps of seeing a doctor and he stopped it for me in one day’s time. Now with the imminent fear taken care of, the prayers penetrated and brought about the healing.
    I have seen too many people kidding themselves by hiding their fears under metaphysical treatment and in this day of changing times, words and thoughts are not becoming effective. The only power is Spirit, and it is better to get our peace and keep on pursuing the Light!


  6. Quote from Joel (above):
    “We do not hesitate to see a dentist, but somehow most of us seem to fight body attention. In this way, they are resisting evil to the extent that they deeply subliminate their fear of something physical within themselves and try to get spiritual help. But in hanging on to the fear, the healing never comes. I think that each one of us has to rely on inner intuition and make a move from that level.”

    I have been navigating these waters of inner intuition for many years–– the “both/and” of healing through nothingizing AND healing through simple practical steps like going to a doctor. Or a dentist! My alleged teeth have presented multiple––let’s call them “appearances.” Yet even in the seemingly “practical” field of dentistry, it is incredible to me how much universal hypnotism can influence what might seem to be a “real” appearance. I am, as I write, experiencing one of these situations. In the past, huge levels of pain drove me to get procedures done that other (more naturopathic) branches of materia medica deem toxic. Now I have a dozen root canals which I wish I didn’t have. Some pain is now presenting since a recent crown, as though tempting me to focus on it in the loop of worry, that I am now sure was the cause of my previous dental dramas. This worry-loop, referred to by Joel above in his mention of suppressed fears still being fears, and now well-known in some mind-body healing fields, is the real (unreal) “appearance,” to be treated, as I now sense it.

    I’m turning to my direct contact with my I Am source each time this seeming conflict presents itself, sometimes several times per hour. “Take no thought,” and “Divine daughtership” are my current contemplations, which are gradually lifting me up into the experience beyond fear. And if I’m not there yet, as Joel said he wasn’t, to do the complete no-doctors-no-medicine thing, I’m trusting that I am guided in the moment, always, from within.

    This got me through an appearance with a scary “C” name a few years ago. I turned within, beyond the fear, and it was clear as a bell to just get the surgery. I was especially careful not to ask advice from my many metaphysical or alternate health practitioner friends! And all is well now, it’s nothing. Just one less organ, that I don’t need.

    A friend of mine had one too many medical tests, got a diagnosis last week, and is trying to resist the rabbit-hole of fearful prognoses and endless procedures. Yet everywhere he looks he is finding more mind-food––from the zillion natural cures to the zillion affirmations. I am offering love and allowing his worried thoughts and words to be met in peace, yet I am deeply aware that, as Virginia said, and John mentioned elsewhere in this blog, my only patient is myself. Like most people I come across, my buddy will not read a Joel book or even John’s brilliant book.

    Thanks to all for being companions in God.

  7. M. Nevins says:

    I was a student of Joel’s and also Jasha at one time. What we have realized beyond all this talk of healing and or doctors is that we should never seek anythng but guidance from our hearts on what to do. All this mystical talk of being a healer is just left overs from a ministry of Christian Science and the the foolishness of an adulterous mind. Jesus said clearly you only come for the loaves and fishes and some how we took his ministry as a healing ministry. It is all old school teaching. Do what ever you feel led and never mind the teaching of the infinite way or of Jasha’s on what to do yourself. At some levels it became a cultism way of living where no one could talk or even ask questions. Very immature with no talk of real love and freedom.

  8. Ben says:

    I am so grateful I found this site!

  9. Kate says:

    Thank you…such a beautiful concise writing that I can keep and re-read. This learning surrounding the conditioned mind is so important and I appreciate the clarity you bring to this subject.

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