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The Value of Truth

There’s always been a debate between the availability of spiritual material and its cost.  Can you put a price on illumination?  People want salvation – however that word is comprehended, and the idea that the rich can buy it and … Continue reading

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Objective Reality

It is hard in our fast paced contemporary world to stop and contemplate the nature of reality.  We all take for granted what is real, or what appears to be real.   To the mystic reality is the product of a … Continue reading

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The I of You Is the I of God

Joel Goldsmith talks about individual Consciousness as Cause, as Law, as the Power of Being.  He uses Christ Consciousness, individual consciousness, God Consciousness, all defining mystical union.  There is no hard and fast rule other than the idea that there … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Healing and the Christ Mind

Spontaneous Healing and the Christ Mind Spontaneous healing comes when we live through that mind which was in Christ Jesus, which is the avenue through which we experience God.  In that mind-set we live life in its freest state, unbound … Continue reading

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Are We An Organization?

The following was taken from the 2011 Stamford class in which the following question was asked. This questioner wants me to elaborate about Internet sites that warn people about practitioners, telling them to “beware, discern the truth from the false.” … Continue reading

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The Truth About Supply

With the world economic crisis dominating the news recently now is the perfect opportunity for spiritual students to get to work and bring into consciousness the truth about supply. How do we do this, and can we be effective on … Continue reading

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The Truth Shall Make You Free

The ease with which we can walk away from our human conditioning and perceive the truth is directly proportional to how much we suffer in this world.  The more we are attached to our beliefs, which are a product of … Continue reading

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Abide in the Truth

“Abide in the truth that God is the only power and you will discover that all blessings emanate from this truth maintained in your consciousness.  Abide in the truth of God’s kingdom established on earth.  Abide in the truth that I am closer than breathing and nearer than … Continue reading

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John Stephenson gives classes based on Infinite Way principles in the US, Hawaii, Europe and Oceania.  The posts here include the opening session of the 2009 Asilomar Conference, which was a five day retreat in the Monterey forest of Asilomar … Continue reading

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